No expensive classes! No pricey equipment! STEP 1 “To burn fat, you need lean muscle.” — Jorge Cruise

The exercises in 8 Minutes in the Morning® to a Flat Belly provide the physical work needed to help you create sleek, metabolism-revving muscle.

You’ll shed belly fat at home in just a few minutes a day.

Deprive yourself? NEVER! STEP 2 “My special eating plan will give you the ideal portion of protein to build muscles and boost your metabolism.” — Jorge Cruise

The 8 Minutes in the Morning to a Flat Belly eating plan is simple and straightforward. There’s no calorie counting or starvation dieting! You can learn how to eat all your favorite foods in the correct portions and conquer the emotional eating that may be sabotaging your efforts.

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If the path to a flatter belly were paved with crunches, every woman with a gym membership would sport a toned stomach. But Jorge’s cutting-edge Cruise Moves® succeed where crunches have failed. Cruise Moves make your journey to a flat belly simple because they allow you to:

Target critical belly trouble zones!
Crunches work only one area of your abdomen. To get a truly slender waist and flat belly, you must strengthen your entire core—butt, back, sides, and abdomen.

Create lean, sexy muscles—from head to toe!
Experts now agree that you must create total-body lean muscle tissue in order to shed fat anywhere in your body—especially your midsection. Cruise Moves help you build that lean muscle so that your metabolic rate can skyrocket for 12 to 24 hours afterward.

Burn calories like crazy!
Each pound of muscle in your body burns 50 calories a day—at rest. The problem: Most of us lose a minimum of 5 pounds of muscle mass during each decade of life, starting as early as age 15. By age 50, your metabolism may be burning 875 fewer calories a day. Reverse this trend with Cruise Moves, which will help you burn 250-plus extra calories daily!

You can burn belly fat while sitting in the car, typing at your desk, and lying in bed sleeping. Seriously!

Tummy Fat's Dirty Little Secret

Belly fat is worse for your health than fat in your butt or thighs. Stomach bulge increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, joint pain, and varicose veins. Losing weight with 8 Minutes in the Morning to a Flat Belly can help prevent all those diseases and conditions, though. A slim, strong middle can also:

Improve your posture instantly!
 Give you more energy!
  Increase your strength and coordination!

Sculpting a tight tummy makes your body not only look better but work better, too.

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